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Interior Design Portfolio

3D lasercut lamp called Coral light

Coral lamp - laser cut and pigmented acrylic


Coffee table - kidney shaped white wood, white lacquer finish, silver vert tubes

Engraved bamboo wine box

Bamboo wine box engraved logo


Endless light lamp - totara stained with metallic powdered pigments.

Lamp shade - lasered acrylic pearlescence


Cofee table - rustic macrocarpa with smooth surface, sprayed galv pipe, lock tight allen key jointing - turned Lignum Vitae feet

Hallway night light - bamboo drum design with internal LED strip lighting


  Clovis Sculpture
Art Portfolio

Artworks inspired by Aoteroas unique flora and fauna  

Red admiral butterfly - white wood stained

Magpie moth - white wood, stained

Lasered stainless antennea

Charlies pipe - Kauri stained, cast resin eyes 

Green man - kauri stained, Oak base

Godwit - Kauri, stained, sprayed stenciled pattern  

Oblique waved_looper.JPG

Oblique waved fern looper moth - White wood, sprayed stained pattern

Ceres - Ancient Kauri, stained

Puriri Moth - White wood (Asian oak) laser cut  patterned stencil, sprayed, stained and oiled

King fisher - White wood (Asian oak)  sprayed, stained and oiled

Prop Pohutakawa branch


Oceanos - Ancient Kauri

stained and wax

Weather Idol - Totara, Ancient Kauri stained and wax

Kaka Poria - Kauri, white lacquer

Central seed - Kauri, stained, waxed

Charles hat - Totara stained, base oak

Silvan Rise - White wood (Asian oak)

Sculpted Tanekaha leaves, stained and oiled

Bearded Greek God_edited.jpg

Haphaestus -  Scoria, Ancient Kauri stained and wax

Whispering Forest - Ancient Kauri

stained and wax

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