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Sculpture commissions welcome

A single Huia was bought buy Julian Holland from the Kings College annual art exhibition.

This lonely Female needed a soul companion he said and so he commissioned me to bring together

an avian companionship.


My clients often approach me with a specific request like Tony Green a passionate conservationist, environmentalist after a

unique artwork to gift to someone important in his life. A plan was hatched and Tony decided to turn a piece of

Mahogany he had for years into a bespoke Kihikihi.

The results were the aptly named Green Grocer with a striking patterned appearance that reflect the Summer sounds of Aotearoa.

The special 'Spectre Moth' crafted in Aotearoa was a commission from Canadian born Prudence Morgan. With it's sleek art nouveau inspired design and a beautiful pearlescent finish, this creative artwork takes pride and place in Prudence's homestead England. 

A respected women client commissioned a scaled up version of an existing Golden Emperor.

So the Golden Empress was born and to her absolute delight, she requested I personally install this regal insect to

grace her living room wall.

Please send me a message in contact regarding a specific art project

and we can take the idea a step further and have your dream art piece materialise.

Green Grocer Kihikihi - Mahogany


Female and Male huia - Rimu base Totara body

Blue wattled Kokako - Totara, stained


Golden Empress

white wood, engraved

Spectre Moth - White wood, pearlescent lacquer

Male huia anticipating it's mate 

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